Lake County Public Library Promotes Digital Services and Increases Cardholders


The Lake County Public library wanted to promote digital services to non-patrons ages 25 to 39. They determined this range was comprised of mostly young professionals and parents with limited time for traditional library services. The problem was they didn’t know how to identify individuals in this age range who didn’t have a library card.


Using Patronlink, the library uploaded and flagged their list of current library cardholders. Then using filters, they could identify non-cardholders ages 25 to 39 that lives in their service area. Next, they segmented this audience by their income level so they could target the audiences separately and test which audience would have a better response rate. The library sent out 3,000 postcards to obtain new cardholders. The library proactively flagged the 3,000 records that received the postcard so that when they re-uploaded their patron list to Patronlink, they could easily track the campaign results.

The Result

To analyze their results, they re-uploaded their patron file two months after the campaign launch and pulled all records flagged as receiving the postcard and are a cardholder. By segmenting their audience with targeted content, they saw a 1.8% response rate, adding 54 new library members in just two months.

About the Lake County Public Library

The Lake County Public Library is the third largest library system in Indiana. The library maintains a close relationship with school districts and area colleges to provide research and reference tools and other academic resources. The main branch is located in Merrillville, Indiana.

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What our customers are saying

  • Somerset County Library System of New Jersey (SCLSNJ) recently completed a successful two-month patron outreach campaign using PatronLink, resulting in a gain of over 1,700 new patrons while positively impacting the local economy and building a stronger sense of community in the county.

    Somerset, NJ Library
  • We’ve had great success with the ReferenceUSA product, especially with our business students. It has a simple interface that provides a quick lookup or an in-depth screening mode that allows the user to locate a specific company or group of companies based on a wide variety of criteria. The information provided about corporate linkage to a parent and subsidiary is especially useful as is the rest of the information returned with the search results. We have come to rely heavily on ReferenceUSA as a first stop for much of our directory lookups.

    Patrick Sullivan San Diego State University
  • At Bradford Libraries, we are delighted with our new OneSource electronic resource. The major bonus for us is being able to offer a renowned business product remotely, which means that wherever our library customers have access to a PC they have access to OneSource. The depth of information is phenomenal and the cost is within reach of public libraries. Both staff and customers use OneSource to research company information, market and investor data and news items for a whole variety of enquiries, including detailed company analysis, marketing lists, job-seeking information, director data, market share, and stockbroker reports.

    Christine Dyson Bradford Libraries - Senior Information Manager
  • ReferenceUSA’s remote access capability enables our library to provide quality business information to our users—inside or outside our building—24 hours a day, seven days a week. This level of access has proven quite popular with our users, especially the business community. It is a perfect tool in the evolution from print resources to electronic resources.

    Owen Frank Steele Memorial Library - Webmaster/Reference Librarian
  • The Lake County Public Library wanted to reach out to community members that did not have a library card. The library believed if they promoted their digital library services to the 25-39 year old community they would see more individuals in this age range sign up for a library card and use the library’s digital resources. The library was able to accomplish this by using Patronlink, a powerful marketing, analytics and outreach tool. In addition to creating a targeted list, postcards were printed in-house and were mailed out to 3,000 households. It was a successful campaign, the libraries had an average response rate of 2% per household and even had multiple people in the household sign up – everyone likes free. 
    Robin Johnsen Lake County Public Library’s Technology Marketing Specialist
  • Old Bridge Public Library is using traditional methods- weekly emailed newsletters, flyers, posters and their website calendar- to promote their library’s programs and resources. In addition, they have started using targeted email campaigns to promote their programs to current patrons and non-patrons by using Patronlink. The library builds a targeted list of individuals in their community, whom had the characteristics outlined. Using the DIY email campaign tool, the Old Bridge Library creates HTML emails and sends them to both current library cardholders and non-patrons in their service area.
    Mafalda Cavanaugh Old Bridge Public Library Marketing and PR Outreach manager
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